Fixtures / 1995 Season

These are all of the known played and yet to be played matches for the 1995 season listed by date. A breakdown of the contributions made by the players in each fixture can be obtained by clicking on the information button (») where available. Fixtures for other seasons for which information is available can be obtained via the list of options shown.

Results Summary

No Result


Date Opponent Format Home or Away Location Mount Score Opposition Score Result
Harold Wood Time H Shoebury Garrison No Result
Leavenheath Time A Leavenheath 172/6 134ao Won by 38 Runs »
Wrotham Time A Wrotham 76ao 83ao Lost by 7 Runs »
Raphael Time H Shoebury Garrison 84ao 140ao Lost by 56 Runs »
Billericay Time A Billericay 211/9 212/6 Lost by 4 Wkts »
Tendring Time A Crow Lane, Tendring 184/5 106ao Won by 78 Runs »
Tillingham Time A Tillingham No Result
Rontays Time H Shoebury Garrison 180/6 127/8 Match drawn »
Old Westcliffians Time H Shoebury Garrison 40ao 175/8 Lost by 135 Runs »
Over Stowey Time A Over Stowey 249/8 171ao Won by 78 Runs »
J.W.T. Wilcox XI Time A Kilve 191ao 215ao Lost by 24 Runs »
Lynton and Lynmouth Time A Valley of The Rocks 221/6 187/5 Match drawn »
Bridgetown Time A Bridgetown 238/9 230ao Won by 8 Runs »
Stogumber Time A Stogumber 217/9 221/5 Lost by 5 Wkts »
Muswell Hill Wanderers Time H Shoebury Garrison 81/3 79ao Won by 7 Wkts »
Westcliff Time A Chalkwell Park 186/8 207/3 Match drawn »
Loxford Falcon Time H Shoebury Garrison 160/8 No Result »
President's XI Time A Chalkwell Park 223/6 111ao Won by 112 Runs »
Wendon Time A Wendens Ambo 229ao 239/6 Lost by 10 Runs »
Tendring Time A Crow Lane, Tendring 233/6 143/7 Match drawn »
Southfleet Time H Shoebury Garrison 219/3 88ao Won by 131 Runs »
Laindon Taveners Time H Shoebury Garrison 69ao 73/2 Lost by 8 Wkts »
Tillingham Time H Shoebury Garrison No Result
Billericay Time A Billericay No Result
Farningham Time A Farningham 219/7 193/4 Match drawn »