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These lists contain the first ten entries, sorted in descending order and based on known data, in each category. More extensive lists can be accessed via the links below each table.


Most Runs in a Career

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10,909Orrock, Stewart
10,473Jackson, Simon
6,793Taylor, Mike
6,281Weller, Nigel
5,182Williams, Ged
4,589Floyd, Norman
4,460Frankel, Ilan
4,200Hair, Terence
3,750Hewitt, David
3,611Skinner, David

Most Runs in a Season

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8792016Frankel, Ilan
8231994Orrock, Stewart
7292015Frankel, Ilan
6901993Orrock, Stewart
6741996Orrock, Stewart
6241992Orrock, Stewart
6141992Weller, Nigel
6021999Green, Richard
5911990Orrock, Stewart
5831999Jackson, Simon

Most Fours in a Season

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1472016Frankel, Ilan
1072015Frankel, Ilan
942012Weller, Sam
931996Orrock, Stewart
851996Carr, Neville
841999Jackson, Simon
841994Orrock, Stewart
841999Green, Richard
832010Weller, Sam
731999Weller, Nigel



Most Dismissals in a Career

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20813672Dixon, David
18917613Orrock, Stewart
18812563Floyd, Norman
14311132Postlethwaite, Richard
1266066Slater, Jack
1021020Hair, Terence
1011010Hewitt, David
95950Coe, Ernie
877314Frankel, Ilan
86860Jackson, Simon

Most Dismissals in a Season

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2312111960Floyd, Norman
2310131962Dixon, David
221841963Dixon, David
201821970Dixon, David
207131959Slater, Jack
191631993Orrock, Stewart
181261989Norman, Joss
171522003Postlethwaite, Richard
171252016Frankel, Ilan
16971966Dixon, David



Unfortunately a lot of the data — almost every year before 1986 in fact — is either missing or unverified. If you are a present or former player, club member or a relative of one and have past scorebooks or any other related items that you would like to give back to the club, please let the webmistress know.

The presence of ‡ next to a name or year indicates that the accuracy of the data cannot be guaranteed. This is because some or all of may be taken from documents distributed at the end of the season rather than scorebooks.

Detailed innings information, i.e. minutes, balls and boundaries, is not always available — especially before 2000 — so the figures presented may be incomplete.