Top Lists / Most Dismissals

10 or fewer

10100Lambert, Clive
10100Williams, D.
10100Russell, Simon
990Oakley, Gavin
990Heyburn, Jack
990Hurley, Luke
990Maynard, Robert
981Merron, Connor
981Lambert, Jamie
981Killpack, David
972Offord, Paul
880Brackley, Fred
880Wallace, Malcolm
880Glover, James
871Mackay, Findlay
862Reynolds, Peter
770Summers, Dave
770Duffin, Toby
770Lines, A.
770Hatton, Alex
752Kennedy, Martin
660Barnes, Peter
660Gaze, A.
660Wakelin, James
660Roberts, R.
660Lockhart, Charlie
660Renvoize, Matt
660Southward, Paul
651Wilcox, John
633Connolly, Pat
550Rafiq, Aqeel
550Godbole, Vaz
550Hubble, Daniel
550Dixon, Crelin
550Price, W.
550Soman, Ashish
550Barham, Adam
550Morgan, David
550Jackson, Mike
550Wordlaw, Angus
550Baker, Howard
440Harrison, John
440Langford, C.
440Woolstencroft, Tom
440Jackson, Andrew
440Powis, Joff
440Martin, Xavier
440Mackay, David
440Cox, Brian
330Kosy, Nik
330Davies, Gareth
330Todman, Michael
330Marriner, Steve
330Sloman, Mike
330Mead, J.
330Cheveralls, Ben
330Smith, Lawrence
330Garcia, Hilton
330Fraser, Paul
330Cox, David
330Heighington, Alex
330Jones, Colin
330Morris, William
330Wright, Tom
330Wilcox, George
220Abbott, B.
220Porter, Chris
220Fulford, Richard
220Johnson, Steve
220Barnes, Andrew
220Portugal, Alex
220Ayub, Michael
220Norkanus, Peter
220Young, Peter
220Harding, Danny
220Cox, Paul
220Webb, Mark
220Dunn, Max
220Abrahams, Nur
220Smith, J.
220Eden, Tom
220Wilson, G.
220Illingworth, Tim
220Jackson, David
220Maddocks, Mick
220Wellington, Danny
220Green, Lennie
220Raven, Roy
211Havens, Nigel
110Poxen, Ben
110Clark, Matt
110Wylde, Chris
110Hart, G.
110Lawford, Jeremy
110Frankel, Josh
110Smith, Mark
110Green, Paul
110Pellet, P.
110Boult, James
110Smith, J.
110Lambert, Lucas
110Yates, Stephen
110Piper, Alan
110Barton, J.
110Heyburn, Chris
110Thompson, Chris
110Davey, Brendan
110Hart, Joe
110Mills, Chris
110Leyshan, Ben
110Coltham, Andy
110Slack, Ade
110Banyard, P.
110Kariel, Faziol
110Chesher, John
110Sills, G.
110Riches, Anthony
110Shinett, D.
110Lynch, Steven
110Madelle, Henry
110Cousins, David
110Abrahams, Nick
110Lovett, Cameron
110Barlow, Chris
110Peecock, Bernard
110Millard, P.
110Dunham, N.
110Williams, Sam
110Rimmer, M.
110Lovett, Tony
110Else, Simon
110Potten, W.
110MacClean, Michael
110Sanderson, R.
110Tygas, Steve
110Fisher, S.
110Roddick, G.
110May, Malvern
110Pratt, Johnathon
110Deans, Ewan
110Smith, Michael
110Thomson, Charles
110Deadman, Dan
101Flack, David
101Cooper, J.


Unfortunately a lot of the data — almost every year before 1986 in fact — is either missing or unverified. If you are a present or former player, club member or a relative of one and have past scorebooks or any other related items that you would like to give back to the club, please let the webmistress know.

The presence of ‡ next to a name or year indicates that the accuracy of the data cannot be guaranteed. This is because some or all of may be taken from documents distributed at the end of the season rather than scorebooks.

Detailed innings information, i.e. minutes, balls and boundaries, is not always available — especially before 2000 — so the figures presented may be incomplete.