Top Lists / Most Sixes in a Season

31 to 40

382008Harrison, John

21 to 30

301994Orrock, Stewart
271989Hewitt, David
261990Orrock, Stewart
241989Orrock, Stewart
211993Orrock, Stewart

11 to 20

201997Hewitt, David
201991Orrock, Stewart
201992Hewitt, David
191997Orrock, Stewart
191992Orrock, Stewart
172011Hewitt, David
162002Hewitt, David
152000Hart, Paul
141996Orrock, Stewart
141991Hewitt, David
132016Frankel, Ilan
131990Hewitt, David
121993Hewitt, David
111996Hewitt, David
112003Hair, Terence
111991Hair, Terence

10 or fewer

102001Hart, Paul
102003Hewitt, David
101990Hair, Terence
101999Orrock, Stewart
102002Williams, Ged
102005Orrock, Stewart
102002Orrock, Stewart
101999Hewitt, David
101996Hair, Terence
101988Orrock, Stewart
102003Orrock, Stewart
101999Green, Richard
92002Hair, Terence
91987Orrock, Stewart
92002Weller, Nigel
92015Mackay, Findlay
92005Williams, Ged
91998Orrock, Stewart
92017Smith, Noel
92009Havens, Michael
91997Carr, Neville
92010Hair, Terence
91995Orrock, Stewart
82005Green, Richard
82000Hewitt, David
81994Hewitt, David
81995Hart, Paul
81997Hart, Paul
82007Havens, Michael
81994Hair, Terence
81996Carr, Neville
82003Williams, Ged
82014Smith, Noel
81998Hart, Paul
81988Hewitt, David
81992Carr, Neville
72015Hubble, Daniel
72016Lambert, Jamie
71992Weller, Nigel
72015Mackay, David
72001Orrock, Stewart
71999Hair, Terence
62004Williams, Ged
62015Frankel, Ilan
62006Green, Richard
62016Mackay, Findlay
61996Weller, Nigel
61994Daniel, James
61999Weller, Nigel
62010Weller, Sam
62014Gurikar, Nimbanna
61987Skinner, David
52012Groves, Lewis
52006Havens, Michael
52005Hair, Terence
52001McCluskey, Larry
52015Williams, Ged
51986Orrock, Stewart
52004Orrock, Stewart
52012Sibbons, Joe
52005Frankel, Ilan
51999Hart, Paul
51995Carr, Neville
52004Jackson, Simon
52004Cox, Brian
51995Hair, Terence
52016Groves, Lewis
52014Hubble, Daniel
51994Weller, Nigel
52017Lambert, Jamie
52002Jones, Edward
52004Abrahams, Nur
52007Cox, Graham
52000Jackson, Simon
41998Jones, Edward
41997Wilcox, Mark
41998Hair, Terence
41993Grant, Alex
42003Hart, Paul
41990Weller, Nigel
41999Jackson, Simon
42011Sutherby, Chris
42002Barnes, Peter
41989Baker, Howard
41994Hart, Paul
42004Frankel, Ilan
42006Cox, Graham
42016Renvoize, Matt
42013Mackay, Findlay
42005Skinner, Miles
42000Green, Richard
41995Weller, Nigel
42017Renvoize, Matt
42011Williams, Ged
42005Hewitt, David
41988Baker, Howard
42010Cox, Graham
42002Hart, Paul
41991Weller, Nigel
42000Orrock, Stewart
41986Skinner, David
41988Hair, Terence
32013Green, Richard
32007Orrock, Stewart
31989Skinner, David
32004Green, Richard
32002Khan, Kameron
32008Eden, Tom
31995Wilcox, Anthony
31998Weller, Nigel
32013Frankel, Ilan
31993Hair, Terence
31993Carr, Neville
32008Wilcox, Mark
31993Weller, Nigel
31994Carr, Neville
32008Williams, Ged
32008Havens, Michael
32013Smith, Mark
32001Weller, Nigel
31997Jones, Edward
31986Weller, Nigel
32012Sutherby, Chris
32003Weller, Nigel
32000McCluskey, Larry
31996Jones, Edward
32004Wilcox, Anthony
31998Jackson, Simon
32008Pratt, Johnathon
32006Orrock, Stewart
31995Carr, Andy
32011Hair, Andrew
32009Smith, Noel
32010Williams, Ged
32001Carr, Neville
31995Green, Richard
32017Hatton, Alex
32016Smith, Noel
32011Collinson, Jay
31997Green, Richard
31998Markham, Gary
32010Frankel, Ilan
21996Wilcox, William
21988Birch, Adam
22014Green, Richard
21990Boult, James
22008Hair, Terence
22010Havens, Michael
22003Wilcox, William
21991Hair, Richard
22012Weller, Sam
21995Millard, P.
22008Cox, Graham
22007Frankel, Ilan
22004Hair, Terence
21993Hart, Paul
22012Green, Richard
22017Ives, Laurence
22004Barnes, Peter
21987Hewitt, David
22016Yates, Stephen
22004Weller, Nigel
21999Carr, Neville
21995Hewitt, David
21989Hair, Terence
22002Dixon, Angus
21994Skinner, David
21986Hewitt, David
22017Price, Sam
22014Jackson, Simon
21987Hair, Terence
22014Smith, Mark
22013Jackson, Simon
21998Carr, Neville
21989Weller, Nigel
22001Hair, Terence
22000Jones, Edward
21986Hair, Terence
21996Hart, Paul
22017Green, Richard
22006Hair, Terence
22003Carr, Neville
22015Portugal, Alex
22009Garcia, Hilton
22001Williams, Ged
22017Williams, Ged
22009Frankel, Ilan
22007Oakley, Gavin
21990Murphy, William
22001Keane, Elliott
21986Baker, Howard
22006Williams, Ged
22017Frankel, Ilan
21992Wilcox, Anthony
22016Williams, Ged
22014Wordlaw, Angus
22013Hubble, Daniel
22008Jackson, Simon
22000Williams, Ged
22013Merron, Connor
22011Frankel, Ilan
22007Southward, Paul
22001Wilcox, William
21998Hewitt, David
22011Skinner, Miles
22002Sutherby, Chris
21991Lovett, Tony
22016Jackson, Simon
22016Smith, Lawrence
22011Hair, Richard
22008Jones, Edward
22003Jackson, Simon
21994Green, Richard
21986Marriner, Steve
22001Hewitt, David
21997Wilcox, William
22017Cox, Paul
22016Markham, Gary
22006Else, Simon
22003Postlethwaite, Richard
12017Offord, Paul
12008Havens, Nigel
12004Havens, Michael
11992Hair, Terence
11989Wilcox, John
12006Wilcox, Mark
12016Palmer, Bob
12016Summers, Dave
12014Hair, Richard
12010Jackson, Simon
11995Jackson, Simon
11994Jackson, Simon
11992Dunham, N.
11997Jackson, Simon
11996Wilcox, Mark
11995Hair, Richard
11988Norman, Joss
12014Duffin, Toby
12002Keane, Elliott
11987Jackson, Simon
11986Birch, Adam
12014Wilcox, Anthony
12013Williams, Ged
12011Hurley, Luke
11995Postlethwaite, Richard
11994Postlethwaite, Richard
11992Grimwade, Peter
11987Birch, Adam
12016Davies, Gareth
12013Hair, Richard
12001Jones, Edward
11993Skinner, David
11988Murphy, William
12016Lockhart, Charlie
11997Hair, Richard
11989Boult, James
12010Fennell, Russ
12007Jackson, Simon
12006Hart, Joe
12003Jones, Edward
11987Norman, Joss
12012Williams, Ged
12010McMenamin, William
12006Jones, Edward
12004Fraser, Andrew
12001Palmer, Bob
11996Hair, Richard
11991Thomson, Richard
12015Smith, Noel
12009Weller, Sam
12008Woolstencroft, Tom
12005Cox, Graham
11992Lovett, Tony
11986Murphy, William
12010Hart, Paul
11988Wilcox, William
12017Webb, Mark
12016Heyburn, Jack
12012Frankel, Ilan
12007Wilcox, Mark
11995Skinner, David
11991Skinner, David
11996O'Brien, J.
11993Connolly, Pat
11992Birch, Adam
11991Taylor, David
12016Killpack, David
12007Hart, Paul
12002Jackson, Simon
11998Wakelin, James
11995Jones, Edward
12015Markham, Gary
12012Jackson, Simon
12005Jackson, Simon
11992Hair, Richard
12015Lambert, Jamie
12006Skinner, Miles
12000Powis, Joff
11993Wright, Tom
11992Grant, Alex
12014Hair, Andrew
12013May, Malvern
11999Wakelin, James
11993Potten, W.
12005Postlethwaite, Richard
11997Hair, Terence
11989Norman, Joss
12016Green, Richard
12015Davies, Gareth
12013Groves, Lewis
12012Smith, Mark
12010Hair, Andrew
12008Frankel, Ilan
12004Postlethwaite, Richard
12002Sloman, Mike
11987Wilcox, William
12013Hair, Terence
11999McCluskey, Larry
11989Wilcox, William
11999Jones, Edward
11997Weller, Nigel
11989Murphy, William
12010Woolstencroft, Tom
12008Johnson, Mark
12005Dixon, Angus
12004Hewitt, David
12003Sloman, Mike
12001Barnes, Peter
11997Wakelin, James
11995Baker, N.
11993Wagstaffe, Peter
12016Hair, Andrew
12015Wellington, Danny
12005Fraser, Andrew
12001Jackson, Simon
11988Wilcox, John
12004Abrahams, Nick
11992Thomson, Richard
11991Daniel, James
11989Young, Peter
12005Wilcox, William
12001Skinner, David
12015Wordlaw, Angus
12014Lambert, Clive
12013Mackay, David
12007Hair, Terence
12003Cox, Brian
11988Skinner, David
12016Mackay, David
12014Mackay, Findlay
11996Wakelin, James
11994Reynolds, Peter
11992Skinner, David
12004Markham, Gary
11987Wilcox, John
12015Hatton, Alex
12014Lambert, Jamie
12002Palmer, Bob
11994Wilcox, William
11990Skinner, David
11987Norkanus, Peter
12014Mackay, David
12011Postlethwaite, Richard
12000Wilcox, Mark
11994Lovett, Tony
11993Lovett, Tony
12013Stewart, Jim
12010Smith, Noel
12009Killpack, David
12008Palmer, Bob
12007Banyard, P.
12005Wilcox, Mark
12000Barnes, Peter
11996Green, Richard


Unfortunately a lot of the data — almost every year before 1986 in fact — is either missing or unverified. If you are a present or former player, club member or a relative of one and have past scorebooks or any other related items that you would like to give back to the club, please let the webmistress know.

The presence of ‡ next to a name or year indicates that the accuracy of the data cannot be guaranteed. This is because some or all of may be taken from documents distributed at the end of the season rather than scorebooks.

Detailed innings information, i.e. minutes, balls and boundaries, is not always available — especially before 2000 — so the figures presented may be incomplete.