Fixtures / 2006 Season

These are all of the known played and yet to be played matches for the 2006 season listed by date. A breakdown of the contributions made by the players in each fixture can be obtained by clicking on the information button (») where available. Fixtures for other seasons for which information is available can be obtained via the list of options shown.

Results Summary

No Result


Date Opponent Format Home or Away Location Mount Score Opposition Score Result
Wrotham Time A Wrotham 223/9 120ao Won by 103 Runs »
Wendon Time A Wendons Ambo 119ao 133ao Lost by 14 Runs »
Raphael Time H Alleyn Court School 160/7 159/6 Won by 3 Wickets »
Great Waltham Time A Great Waltham No Result
Eynsford Time A Eynsford No Result
Castle Hedingham Time H Alleyn Court School 121/7 120/8 Won by 3 Wickets »
Farningham 40 overs A Farningham 260/7 277/5 Lost by 17 Runs »
Westcliff Time H Alleyn Court School 198ao 221/7 Lost by 23 Runs »
Leavenheath Time A Leavenheath No Result
President's XI Time H Alleyn Court School 217ao 221/5 Lost by 4 Runs »
Westcliff Time A Chalkwell Park 167ao 244/6 Lost by 77 Runs »
Tillingham Time H Alleyn Court School 201ao 207/6 Lost by 6 Runs »
Holford 40 overs A Holford 310/9 276/8 Won by 34 Runs »
Timberscombe 40 overs A Timberscombe 281/8 117ao Won by 164 Runs »
Sampford Arundel 40 overs A Sampford Arundel 177/2 176ao Won by 8 Wickets »
Bridgetown 40 overs A Bridgetown 193ao 195/2 Lost by 8 Wickets »
J.W.T. Wilcox XI Time A Kilve 258/7 191/9 Match drawn »
Alleyn Court XI Time H Alleyn Court School No Result
Hadleigh and Thundersley Time A John Burrows Memorial Ground No Result
St. Aidans Time A Belfairs Park No Result
Rayleigh Time H Alleyn Court School 189/7 188/7 Won by 3 Wickets »
Castle Hedingham Time A Castle Hedingham No Result
Great and Little Warley 35 overs A Great Warley 68ao 109ao Lost by 41 Runs »
Cloghams Time A Cloghams No Result
Brook Strollers Time A Brook No Result