June 2007 News

Teamsheet: President's Day, Sunday 1st July 2007, 1200 start

We are still waiting for a few responses before we can finalise team selection.

Richard Hair and Graham Cox will captain the respective sides and teams will be selected from the following players plus hopefully a few more.

  • A. Dixon
  • D. Dixon
  • T. Hair
  • P. Hart (Ground)
  • S. Jackson
  • E. Jones
  • S. Mather
  • A. MacLeod
  • N. MacLeod
  • G. Oakley (Ground)
  • S. Orrock (Ground)
  • B. Palmer
  • R. Postlethwaite
  • S. Russell (Ground)
  • P. Southward (Ground)
  • D. Thomas
  • S. Weller
  • W. Wilcox
  • G. Williams

Umpire: George Ferguson
Scorer: C Clement

The game is scheduled for a 12.00 noon start but there will be some pre match preparations to be done and I have indicated on the above list a select band of volunteers to organise this but assistance from all or any others would be welcome.

Unfortunately I and Ged will not be able to get to the ground until after 12 but feel free to start without us.

Please bring your own lunch be it a McDonalds or a Fortnum and Mason Hamper. The traditional glass of port will be provided.

A small tea will be served during the afternoon and there will be a barbecue after the game to which all are welcome.

We would be delighted to welcome old friends, non playing members, spouses, partners, mistresses, concubines during the day and in the evening.

Let us hope that the weather is kinder than it has been during the past few days.

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, June 27th, 2007 @ 1058

Teamsheet: Mount vs Leavenheath, Sunday 24th June 2007 @ Leavenheath, 1430 start

The following have been selected:

  1. G. Cox
  2. T. Eden
  3. I. Frankel
  4. R. Hair
  5. G. Oakley
  6. S. Orrock
  7. R. Palmer
  8. R. Postlethwaite
  9. P. Southward
  10. D. Thomas
  11. A. N. Other

Umpire: George Ferguson
Scorer: Carol Palmer?

If there is anyone willing to take the place of Mr Other please let me know.

In view of the distance some car sharing might be an idea. If anyone would like a lift please let me know, preferably someone who has played there before.

Match Result: Mount vs Westcliff
Mount: 134ao - S. Jackson 75, S. Russell 30
Westcliff: 135/5 - T. Hair 2/20
Lost by 5 Wickets

A somewhat disappointing game with a rather lacklustre feel about it. We did not get sufficient runs to put a quite strong Westcliff side under any pressure and we never felt that we were in with a shout, which is how it proved to be.

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, June 20th, 2007 @ 1511

Teamsheet: Mount vs Westcliff, Sunday 17th June 2007 @ Chalkwell Park

The following have been selected:

  1. G. Cox
  2. T. Eden
  3. T. Hair
  4. G. Oakley
  5. R. Palmer
  6. S. Russell
  7. D. Thomas
  8. M. Wilcox
  9. G. Williams
  10. A. N. Other
  11. B. N. Other

Umpire: George Ferguson
Scorer: Clarissa Clement

It is hoped that the Nother twins will shortly be replaced. I am waitng to hear from some players as to availability.

No drop outs please and if anyone wishes to be included please let me know!!

Match Result: Mount vs Farningham (35 overs per side)
Mount: 182/6 - S. Jackson 75, S. Russell 30
Farningham: 143ao - T. Eden 3/19, R. Hair 3/23, D. Thomas 3/35
Won by 39 Runs

A victory at last. An enterprising partnership between the two Simons saw Mount reach a useful total in very warm conditions before Messrs Eden, Hair and Thomas exposed the demons in the wicket aided by some superb catching from the captain who held on to three saw us to our first win of the season. Now we are on a roll, watch out Westcliff...

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, June 13th, 2007 @ 1418

Membership Details

Thank you to everyone who has returned the membership form to me.

For the rest of you.... I attach the form again!

Please complete it and return to me. The information is vital for our captain and team secretary.

And finally.......thanks Skip, I enjoyed the bowl and the three wickets, never mind and none of the balls actually pitched before being dispatched to the waiting fielders!

Richard Hair; Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 @ 0928

Teamsheet: Mount vs Farningham, Sunday 10th June 2007, 1300 start

Please note that this game starts at 1.00pm.

The following have been selected:

  1. G. Cox
  2. I. Frankel
  3. R. Hair
  4. P. Hart
  5. S. Jackson
  6. G. Oakley
  7. S. Orrock
  8. R. Palmer
  9. S. Russell
  10. D. Thomas
  11. A. N. Other

Scorer: Clarissa Clement

I am waiting to hear from a couple of players regarding availability and I hope that Mr Other will be replaced shortly.

Match Result: Mount vs Alleyn Court
Alleyn Court: 188/8 - N Havens 43, R Hair 3/27, P Southward 3/31
Mount: 174/8 - S. Jackson 56, I. Frankel 43
Match Drawn

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 @ 0840