July 2017 News

Availabilities: Mount vs Felsted Robins, Sunday 6th August 2017

Trust all tourists have recovered and everyone else is well and looking forward to the final two home fixtures of the season.

Please can you confirm your availability for our next game, which is a home game against Felsted Robbins.

Ilan Frankel; Monday 31st July 2017 @ 1215

Mount Tour July Update

As the sun rises over the Quantocks the Mount challenge John Sherwin and his Holford men on Sunday 23rd July to open our tour.

We have a few omissions and a few additions in the shape of Charlie Lockhart, Laurence Ives of Rankins and Alex Hatton of Westcliff, all of whom we welcome. Mark Smith will be with us for the beer, but owing to injury his playing may be limited – but the right arm is OK!!

As you know Terence Hair passed away in June. We shall all miss his contribution to the cricket in the past, and more recently his photographic skills, and we shall treasure his memory.

Games all start at 2.30p.m., except for Kilve which is 1.00 p.m to enable us to attend the final presentation dinner at the Windmill at 8.00p.m. Please arrive at games at least half ab hour before the start. The match fees are £10 per game, £5 for juniors, to cover teas, ground, balls and admin, payable please to DT. We hope tourists and players will contribute £10 to Bill and Toby to help defray costs of the party on Tuesday evening at ‘The House’ – see Bill.

Light lunch can be taken at the Plough, opposite the ground prior to the Holford game on Sunday. Tourists can check in at the Windmill or B&B before or after the Holford game. There is a ‘running’ barbecue on Thursday at Kilve on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.

The terms are not written in stone and may be changed due to injury or personal reasons.

We are held in high esteem by our Somerset friends, so let us maintain the happy atmosphere and play to win but always enjoy the games.

The Hood is now open, and I hear the food is excellent.

Thanks in anticipation to all umpires and to our valiant scorer Clarissa. Any problems I can be reached on my mobile.

David Thomas; Thursday, July 13thth, 2017 @ 0929

Teamsheet: Mount vs St. Aidens, Sunday 16th July 2017

I’m very pleased to report that we’ve got a team for the game this Sunday as follows.

  1. Ilan Frankel (Ground)
  2. Simon Jackson (Ground)
  3. David Cox
  4. Clive Lambert
  5. Toby Duffin (Ground)
  6. Gary Markham
  7. David Jackson
  8. Justin Montellier
  9. David Killpack
  10. Jeremy Lawford
  11. Charlie Hendriks

There were also a few members who agreed to stand by if we were short this, so thanks all for the effort in ensuring we were able to raise a side this week.

Ilan Frankel; Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 @ 1238

Availabilities: Mount vs St. Aidens, Sunday 16th July 2017

Please can you confirm your availability for our next fixture, which is a home game against St. Aidens.

Ilan Frankel; Monday, July 10th, 2017 @ 0943

Cancelled: Mount vs Great Wakering, Sunday 9th July 2017

Unfortunately neither team has been able to get close to raising XI and we’ve therefore taken a joint view to cancel the game this Sunday.

Please can you make every effort to make yourself available for the game next Sunday, which the last before tour.

Ilan Frankel; Thursday, July 6th, 2017 @ 1454

Availabilities: Mount vs Great Wakering, Sunday 9th July 2017

Thanks all for making the President’s game so enjoyable yesterday and a huge thanks to Will and his family for all the effort before, during and after the game!

Please can you send me your availability for the next fixture, which is a home game against Great Wakering.

Ilan Frankel; Monday, July 3rd, 2017 @ 0941