May 2008 News

Cancellation: Mount vs Westcliff, Sunday 1st June 2008

Further to my previous message. The game on Sunday is OFF.

As advised earlier it has beeen too wet to prepare a wicket at the school and the same applies at Chalkwell Park. Westcliff’s game tomorrow is also off and no pitches have been prepared.

Please can you let me know availability for June 8th if you have not already done so.

Many thanks.

Bob Palmer; Friday, May 30th, 2008 @ 1610

Fixture Update: Mount vs Westcliff, Sunday 1st June 2008

The game at Alleyn Court is OFF as Jerry has not been able to do any preparation on the wicket because of the weather over the past few days. The pitch and outfield are very wet and boggy and will cut up badly.

I am investigating the possibility of switching the game to Chalkwell park if there is no game on there. I will keep you advised.

Bob Palmer; Friday, May 30th, 2008 @ 1426

Teamsheet: Mount vs Westcliff, Sunday 1st June 2008

The following have been selected:

  1. G Cox
  2. T Eden
  3. S Orrock
  4. R Palmer
  5. R Postlethwaite (Ground)
  6. A Rafiq
  7. S Russell (Ground)
  8. P Southward (Ground)
  9. M Wilcox
  10. C Barlow
  11. A Nother

Standing by: R Hair
Umpire: G Ferguson
Scorer: C Clement

As I have most of the ingredients for last weeks teas in the freezer I will organise the teas again. Stewart has keys for the ground and pavilion.

Match Report

Mount vs Alleyn Court
Match rained off - hopefully the weather will relent for this coming Sunday although the forecast is not wonderful!!

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, May 28th, 2008 @ 1328

Teamsheet: Mount vs Alleyn Court, Sunday 25th May 2008

The following have been selected:

  1. G Cox
  2. I Frankel
  3. T Hair (Ground)
  4. S Jackson (Ground)
  5. H Meddel
  6. S Orrock
  7. R Palmer
  8. A Rafiq
  9. S Russell
  10. P Southward (Ground)
  11. D Thomas

Umpire G Ferguson
Scorer: C Clement

Anita is providing cakes and I will organise the rest of the teas. Stewart has keys for the ground and pavilion.

Match Report

Mount vs Great Waltham
Mount: 197/7 - Williams 109*, Jackson 33
Gt Waltham: 125ao - Thomas 4/27, Cox 2/0, R Hair 2/21
Won by 72 runs

As I was not there I can only report what I have been advised. A great knock from Ged and, as I was not playing, a chance for DT to clean up.

Well done Ged on reaching 3,000 runs for Mount, to Graham Cox for reaching 100 wickets and Richard Hair 50 wickets for the club.

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 @ 2141

Teamsheet: Mount vs Great Waltham, Sunday 18th May 2008 @ Great Waltham, 1430 start

The following have been selected

  1. G Cox
  2. T Eden
  3. I Frankel
  4. T Hair
  5. S Jackson
  6. S Orrock
  7. R Postlethwaite
  8. S. Russell
  9. D Thomas
  10. G. Williams
  11. A. N. Other

Scorer: C. Clement

I am waiting for confirmation as to who the A N Other will be but hopefully will know later today

Also for those who have not been there before the directions can be found at

Match report

Mount vs Raphael
Raphael: 218-7 - Williams 2/27, Palmer 2/40
Mount: 183ao - Jackson 76, Frankel 43
Lost by 35runs

A game of mixed and ever changing fortunes. Raphael started off very well and quickly had 100 up with only two wickets down but were pegged back thereafter and 218 was a satisfactory result from our point of view.

In response we also set off with a flurry of shots and, aided by some fielding which was very reminiscent of our own, we were well up with the asking rate and at the start of the final 20 overs needed just over a further 100 runs with wickets in hand. However the demise of Ilan and subsequently Simon led to further wickets falling at regular intervals and we were finally left with the last pair at the wicket with four overs to go. A slight misjudgement by me in calling DT for a second run led to him being run out and we lost by 35 runs. An enjoyable game played in glorious weather.

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 @ 1246

Teamsheet: Mount vs Raphael, Sunday 11th May 2008 @ Alleyn Court, 1400 start

The following have been selected

  1. G Cox
  2. T Eden
  3. I Frankel
  4. R Hair
  5. S Jackson
  6. G Oakley
  7. S Orrock (Ground)
  8. R Palmer (Ground)
  9. R Postlethwaite
  10. D Thomas
  11. M Wilcox (Ground)

Standing by P Southward
Umpire G Ferguson
Scorer C. Clement

Anita has kindly agreed to arganise teas this week

As it is our first home game of the season, there may be some sorting out oof the pavillion to be done. I have nominated three people for ground duty but would welcome assistance from anyone else who can arrive early.

I currently do not have transport so may need a lift - I will contact Stewart if necessary.

Match report

Mount vs Wendens Ambo
WA 282/4 (40 overs)
Mount 169ao Lost by 113 Runs

A somewhat depleted Mount side, consisting of 10 players including a debutant, Andrew Hair, who performed very well and was delighted to have outscored his father, suffered a heavy defeat in a 40 over game. With bowlers limited to 8 overs each we were forced to turn to some part timers and on such a small ground suffered accordingly. I do have a very nice bruise on the inside of my thigh caused by climbing over the chuch yard wall so frequently!

In reply we started well and were up with the run rate for the first 10 overs with Tom Eden and Richard Postlethwaite giving the Wenden bowlers a taste of their own medicine but once wickets started to fall it was left to Stewart to keep the flag flying and on his demise the rest of the innings soon followed.

Bob Palmer; Thursday, May 8th, 2008 @ 1116