April 2021 News

Teamsheet: Mount vs Hatfield Heath, Sunday 2nd May 2021 @ Alleyn Court School. 1330 Start.

Team selection for our first match of the 2021 season. Meet at Alleyn Court from 1230.

  1. S. Johnson
  2. P. Offord
  3. R. Green
  4. G. Williams
  5. N. Smith
  6. I. Frankel
  7. V. Vayalveettil
  8. S. Jackson
  9. B. Foley
  10. P. McKeon
  11. T. Duffin

Umpire: S. Orrock
Scorer: C. Clement

Reserves: P Southwood, M Hare, M Boyce

Again to remind everyone under the current ECB guidance its bring your own teas. Changing rooms are closed but toilet facilities are available.

Here's to a good season!!

Steve Johnson; Tuesday 27th April 2021 @ 2238

Mount CC Availability 2nd 9th 16th May

With the first game only under 2 weeks away I am now taking availability for our first 3 fixtures.

  • 2nd May v Hatfield Heath Home
  • 9th May v Canewdon Away
  • 16th May v Southend EMTCC Away

I have already posted this on our preferred form of communication "Signal" App so if you have already responded there you don't need to again here.

If you would like to be added to "Signal" let me know and I will do so.

Also it is great for the club that 3 people have signed up to the scheme membership this week. Thank you guys!

My aim is to try and post team selections as early in the week as possible to give people time to organize their weekends around whether they have or have not been selected for the game.

In the event of availability being more than 11 I will also post a reserve list.

If after being selected you then cannot play please do let me know ASAP so I can draft in any replacements before other plans are made.

Steve Johnson; Wednesday 21st April 2021 @ 0030

Mount Cricket Club 2021

Welcome to the start of the new cricket season!!

Sounds great does it not!!?

To begin with I would like to introduce myself to some of the members that may not know me. My name is Steve Johnson.

Now I know this may or may not confuse people as I am aware of there being two other local cricketers that bear the same name as myself. One I believe plays at Westcliff CC and the other at Southend EMTCC.

I am clearly neither of those two esteemed fellows but scrolling through the email list I did notice a few familiar names.

I am the Steve Johnson formally of Hadleigh & Thundersley CC and briefly at Echo Monarchs and Trojans prior to their merger with Southend.

Most people will however remember me more by my nickname “Joey” and in fact I’m sure most actually think this is my name.

Now the formalities are out of the way I would firstly like to thank Bill Foley for all his hard work as captain for the past few years. I would also like to thank him for asking me to become captain of Mount CC for this forthcoming season. I’m also incredibly grateful for his help and guidance that I’m sure I will need going forward and I know I will get from past captains Ilan and our President Simon.

Bill may have stepped down from his captaincy duties however he is very much involved as Social Secretary with our first event coming up. This being a pre-season golf day which takes place on Sunday 25th April at Garons.

The following week 2nd May will then be our first match of the season against Hatfield Heath at home.

We currently have net sessions taking place every Sunday morning and with thanks to Wakering CC and the Alleyn Court Aces we have midweek net sessions on either a Wednesday or Thursday evening.

We also have a social media chat group on “Signal” which is a great form of communication and will also be the app that we will use as agreed by the committee as the club choice of messaging app and where I will be asking for availabilities and posting selections.

Please do check in on it and, if you do not have it but would like to be involved, let one of us know and we will happily send you details of the app and add you to the group.

I will endeavour to post match reports to everyone so you can keep updated.

On the clerical side of things, I am sure you are all aware of the club’s monthly subscription scheme which costs just £10 a month. This is of course optional, however signing up to it does benefit the club greatly and means that “schemer’s” fees for the season are covered. The club does not ask for an annual membership fee, so the scheme does offer great value. Furthermore, the more members that sign up, the greater the benefits that we can potentially offer including, for example, a greater number of social events at subsidised rates and of course more equipment. If you would like to support the club by signing up to the scheme, please let a member of the committee or myself know, and we will provide the necessary details.

As we play at Alleyn Court it would be remiss of me not to add this.

A clava et bibens quaestio cricket

I’ll look forward to imagining all of you reaching for google translate.

Anyway, here’s to a long hot summer of entertaining cricket played in the right spirit.

I will be in touch again soon.

Steve Johnson; Thursday 15th April 2021 @ 2309