June 2013 News

Cancellation: Mount vs Gold Bats, Sunday 30th June 2013

Unfortunately due to a shortage of available players, Gold Bats has cried off, so no game this Sunday. if you have not already done so, please advise availability for the following week vs Tillingham (@ Alleyn Court)

Match Report: Mount vs J.W.T. Wilcox XI

J.W.T. Wilcox XI: 252/7 - A Wilcox 82, R Low 77, C Sutherby 2/28, R Hair 2/32
Mount: 253/6 - S Jackson 81, G Williams 45, S Weller 38, J Lawford 2/38, W Wilcox 2/42
Won by 4 wickets

Simon Jackson; Thursday, June 27th, 2013 @ 1311

Teamsheet: Mount vs J.W.T. Wilcox XI. 1130 Start.

  1. R Hair
  2. I Frankel (G)
  3. D Hewitt
  4. S Jackson
  5. G Williams
  6. C Lambert (G)
  7. J Lambert (G)
  8. C Sutherby
  9. J Stewart
  10. C Thompson
  11. S Weller

Scorer: C Clement
Umpires: S Orrock, N Clough, AN Others

Lunch @ 1.00
Tea @ 3.45/4pm

Members and guests are all invited for lunch which will be provided for by John Wilcox & Alleyn Court. Everyone is very welcome but could anyone please let us know if they would like to bring a large group.

Cry offs asap


Please always try to arrive at the ground for all matches about 30 minutes before the game. Please always ring the team captain if you are going to be late or need directions.

For those that have been asked to do the ground (marked "G” above) please arrive at Alleyn Court at least 45 minutes before the game to set out the boundary markers, lay the boundary rope, set up the scoreboard and move the plastic chairs out of the pavilion. Please also help bring everything back in after the game, as in recent times, this has rather been left to a “helpful” few.

Could you also please check the Mount website to ensure that we have all your contact details just in case we need to get hold of you for any reason – for example if there is ever a game called off at the last minute. If you don’t have login details please e-mail Clarissa.

Subs - please see Clive Lambert or pay direct per CL's previous email requests

Match Report: Mount vs Rayleigh

Rayleigh: 292/7 - C Merron 3/63
Mount: 231/7 - S Jackson 114, A Heighington 39
Lost by 61 runs

Simon Jackson; Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 @ 1004

Cancellation: Mount vs Essex Carriers, Sunday 16th June 2013

We have been advised by Essex Carriers that the club has folded and therefore will not satisfy its fixtures. Bob has tried to find an alternative fixture without success. In the absence of opposition we will hold a net session on Sunday afternoon from 5pm and maybe beers afterwards.

Next week is the John Wilcox XI fixture. Please note the start time is 11.30am so be prepared to get to the ground early.

Simon Jackson; Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 @ 1448

Availability: Mount vs J.W.T. Wilcox XI, Sunday 23rd June 2013

If you have not already done so, please advise asap your availability for 23rd June. This is an early start (11.30am), and I realise that some regulars may have been selected for JW XI, hence I need to know who we have for Mount. and who we may need to draft in.

Simon Jackson; Monday, June 10th, 2013 @ 1217

Teamsheet: Mountvs Rayleigh, Sunday 9th June 2013 @ Rawreth Lane

  1. R Hair
  2. I Frankel
  3. S Jackson
  4. B Palmer
  5. D Thomas
  6. B Foley
  7. L Hurley
  8. C Sutherby
  9. C Merron
  10. J Stewart
  11. A Sewell

Reserve: A Heighington
Scorer: C Clement

Cry offs asap

Match Report: Mount vs Old Southendians

Old Southendians: 161/7 - Heighington 2/12, W. Wilcox 2/16
Mount: 122ao - W. Wilcox 37, R. Hair 33
Lost by 39 Runs

If you have not yet paid membership subs please pay Clive Lambert asap.

Simon Jackson; Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 @ 1342