March 2009 News

Pre-season get together

Dear All,

With the dawn of a new season approaching, I have arranged with Neville for us to meet up and do a few jobs at the ground.

So, on Sunday April 19th in the morning come armed with a paint brush and maybe some gardening gloves to help around the ground. We plan to paint the sight screens, fill in a few rabbit holes, pick up any stray litter and generally tidy up.

Then, at lunchtime, we will have a "bring & share" buffet-style lunch for all the workers and families who wish to come along. So please bring a dish (with some food in it!) for lunch and we can divide up what you have brought along and share amongst everyone.

This is a great opportunity to bring along anyone new who would like to play this season, a good chance to meet the club members informally before the season. So, open invitation to anyone!

See you at the school on 19th!

Simon Jackson; Tuesday 31st March 2009 @ 0853

2009 Home Fixture Information


Firstly, I wish you all a happy and successful season. Much hard work has gone into proceeding with the pavilion project in what is not an easy time but I am fully confident that the end product will be something that both the school and Mount will be justifiably proud of. It should also help the club become a more attractive proposition for potential players.

This season will therefore be adversely affected by the lack of a pavilion. As Mark said, changing will take place in the sports' hall where there are 2 changing rooms with toilets and showers as well as a disabled toilet for use by non-players.

Please can you all ensure the following:

  1. No studs are permitted in the sports' hall lobby or changing rooms - the surface would be ruined immediately. The club will have to accept responsibility for this on match days.
  2. The school site is now strictly non smoking and all visitors are asked to respect this.
  3. Tea can be served in the dining hall which is leased by the school from Mrs Tomlinson. Please do not have tea on the lawn outside as this is her property.

Best wishes

William Wilcox; Friday, March 27th, 2009 @ 1519

2009 Season

Dear All,

I am pleased to give you the following good news:

The fixture cards are now printed and Bob Palmer has kindly agreed to send them out to you shortly. Please note that David Skinner's Sevens at Elsted on 12th September starts at 10 o'clock and not 1.00 o'clock as stated.

Work on the new cricket pavilion at Alleyn Court starts next week. It should be ready for use before the end of this season. Until then we will be changing and showering in the sports hall.

We have started to build a two metre high by 115 metre long fence along the length of the wood to prevent cricket balls from being lost in the undergrowth.

The first match at Wrotham (away) is on 26th April. If you haven't advised Bob as to your availability please could you do so as it saves Bob an awful lot of running around. Thank you.

Best Wishes for an enjoyable and successful cricket season.
Mark Wilcox.

Mark Wilcox; Friday, March 27th, 2009 @ 1339

2009 Early Season Availabilities

Hopefully you will have received the emailed fixture list for the coming season. The cards are at the printers now and will be distributed in due course.

Please give some thought to you availability, particularly for the early games and kindly let me know when you can play.

Bob Palmer; Friday, March 13th, 2009 @ 0938