May 2010 News

Cancellation: Mount vs Tillingham, Sunday 30th May 2010 @ Tillingham, 1400 Start

The curse of the bank holiday has struck again. We only have 6 available for this coming weekend and so we have advised Tillingham that we have to cry off.

I am sorry for those who were available but I am afraid there is nothing more I can do!

Please let me know if you can play the following week, the 6th June at home to Manningtree.

We have not played them, to my knowledge, before so I would like to be able to put out a full team.

Have a good weekend.

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, May 26th, 2010 @ 1605

Teamsheet: Mount vs Eton House OB, Sunday 23rd May 2010, 1400 Start

The following have been selected:

  1. Graham Cox
  2. Ilan Frankel (Ground)
  3. Terence Hair
  4. Simon Jackson (Ground)
  5. David Kilpack
  6. Simon Russell (Ground)
  7. Richard Thomson
  8. Mark Wilcox
  9. John Willens
  10. A Nother
  11. B Nother

Umpire: Stewart Orrock
Scorer: Clarissa Clement

I am awaiting replies, hopefully positive, from a number of others, to replace the Nothers.

As already advised Eton House are kindly providing teas. I am extremely sad that I will not be there to enjoy them!

Match report: Mount vs Leigh

Leigh: 186/7 - S Jackson 2/13, T Hair 2/39, P Hart 2/44
Mount: 60/1 - S Jackson 26*, D Kilpack 25*
Match drawn

Sady the rain arrived and spoilt what was looking likely to be a Mount victory. However an enjoyable if damp afternoon.

May I remind you that Team sheets, results, statistics etc may be found on the Mount website. Please give it a visit.

Bob Palmer; Thursday, May 21st, 2010 @ 1331

Use of the School and Pavilion

I have been asked to point out that the school is a non smoking areas and also that no dogs and no studs are permitted in the pavilion.

Richard Hair has had to pull out if the team for Sunday but Terence is taking his place.

Have a good game.

Bob Palmer; Friday, May 14th, 2010 @ 1620

Teamsheet: Mount vs Leigh, Sunday 14th May 2010, 1400 Start

The following have been selected:

  1. Richard Hair
  2. Andrew Hair
  3. Paul Hart (Ground)
  4. Simon Jackson
  5. David Kilpack
  6. Gavin Oakley
  7. Richard Postlethwaite
  8. Simon Russell
  9. Paul Southward (Ground)
  10. Mark Wilcox (Ground)
  11. Ged Williams

Umpire: Stewart Orrock
Scorer: Clarissa Clement

As this is the first home game of the season there will be a number of things to be done so it would be appreciated if you could turn up as early as possible to assist.

Does anyone know what happened to the stumps at the end of last season. No one seems to have them.

The Treasurer would like to remind members that the anuual subscription (£35.00) is due and he would be grateful for any payments.

My apologies to all those who were led astray by the directions to Hutton's ground. These came from the Hutton website. I am sure that the good people of Mills Way must be thrilled by the number of cars that visit their cul de sac!

As far as the match was concerned, perhaps it would have been better if we had stayed in the cul de sac. It was cold and dark, two of their players made 100's we dropped a load of catches and didn't get enough runs. I don't have the full details but the above is a good summary!

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, May 12th, 2010 @ 0930

Teamsheet: Mount vs Raphael, Sunday 9th May 2010 @ Hutton CC, 1400 Start

The ground address is: The Polo Ground, Miles Way CM13 2QL

The following have been selected:

  1. P Hart
  2. A Hair
  3. T Hair
  4. I Frankel
  5. S Jackson
  6. G Oakley
  7. R Postlethwaite
  8. R Palmer
  9. P Southward
  10. M Wilcox
  11. J Willems

Umpire: S Orrock
Scorer: C Clement

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