September 2016 News

Teamsheet: Mount vs Belhus, Sunday 15th September 2016 @ North Stifford. 1300 start

Thanks for the efforts, especially from Alex Hatton, for pulling together enough players for the game this Sunday. The 11 available for the final fixture are as follows:

  1. Ilan Frankel
  2. Bill Foley (no you are not opening the batting)
  3. Paul Southward
  4. Toby Duffin
  5. Alex Hatton
  6. Dave Summers
  7. Jack Broad
  8. Matt Renvoize
  9. Clive Lambert
  10. Dave Hewitt
  11. Kishen Patel

Please remember that the game starts at 13:00.

The address for the ground is as follows:
High Road
North Stifford
RM16 5UG

Ilan Frankel; Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 @ 1303

Availabilities: Mount vs Belhus, Sunday 25th September 2016 @ North Stifford. 1300 Start

The final game of the season is upon us. After the cancellation this past weekend we do not want to have cry off for a second week in a row, so please make every effort to make yourself available for this fixture.

Please can you confirm your availability for this away game against Belhus.

Ilan Frankel; Monday, September 19th, 2016 @ 0920

Cancelled: Mount vs Rankins, Sunday 18th September 2016 @ Rankins. 1300 Start

Despite a huge effort to recruit players for this weekend, we have been unable to raise a side and have therefore had to cancel the fixture against Rankins this weekend.

There is just one more game remaining this season and we don’t want to have to cancel 2 on the spin, so please make every effort to play the final game next weekend.

Ilan Frankel; Friday, September 16th, 2016 @ 1521

Availabilities: Mount vs Rankins, Sunday 18th September 2016 @ Rankins. 1300 Start

Thanks to everyone who played yesterday. It was a great game, even though we narrowly lost to a youthful Westcliff team. A special note of congrats to Bill Foley on his first 50 for the club!

Please can you advise me of your availability for the penultimate fixture of the season, which is away against Rankins.

Ilan Frankel; Monday, September 12th, 2016 @ 1024

Teamsheet: Mount vs Westcliff, Sunday 11th September 2016 @ Chalkwell Park. 1330 Start

The following have kindly made themselves for the game this Sunday away against Westcliff.

  1. Ilan Frankel
  2. Simon Jackson (bowling only)
  3. Bob Palmer
  4. Bill Foley
  5. Toby Duffin
  6. Gary Markham
  7. Lawrence Smith
  8. Josh Frankel
  9. Jack Heyburn
  10. A N Other
  11. B N Other

If there is anyone available to fill the final two available places in the team please let me know asap.

Please note that the start time for the game is 13:00.

Ilan Frankel; Friday, September 9th, 2016 @ 1054

Availabilities: Mount vs Westcliff, Sunday 10th September 2016 @ Chalkwell Park. 1330 Start

We are rapidly approaching the conclusion of the cricket season, with just three further fixtures scheduled.

Our next game is due to be away against Westcliff at Chalkwell Park. Westcliff have been struggling for numbers on a Sunday, but both clubs are very keen to play this fixture. We’d like to try and get as many players together as possible with a view to mixing up the teams, provided we can get 22 players in total between the two clubs.

Please let me know if you are available and I hope to see most of you down at Westcliff on Sunday.

Ilan Frankel; Monday, September 5th, 2016 @ 0909

Teamsheet: Mount vs Chalkwell Misfits, Sunday 4th September 2016 @ Chalkwell Park. 1330 start

The following have been selected (made themselves available) for the game this Sunday. Please note the slightly earlier start of 13:30.

  1. Ilan Frankel
  2. Bob Palmer
  3. Bill Foley
  4. Jamie Lambert
  5. Toby Duffin
  6. Fin Mackay
  7. David Mackay
  8. Alex Hatton
  9. Paul Offord
  10. Lawrence Smith
  11. Josh Frankel

Josh is very happy to stand down if there is anyone else who like to play. Please let me know asap.

Ilan Frankel; Friday, September 2nd, 2016 @ 1209