January 2014 News

Mount Tour 2014

As we recover from Christmas and enter upon 2014 the tour may seem far off, but it is less than one hundred and eighty days away and we have five super fixtures from Sunday July 27th.

Combe House will again be our HQ, as it is important we have a central point for some of us to stay and all of us to meet as a group. For those who would like accommodation at Combe House please let me know during January, as I have a provisional block booking, with a deposit of £25 – made out to Combe House Hotel. For those who want a less expensive option I know several B & B’s, including The Forge and one at Nether Stowey, but all these will soon become booked up.

I think we all agreed it was a great tour last year, and the many supporters and families were a huge support to the players. The tour is not all about winning but we only had one win last year, and we probably need two or three regular cricketers to tip the balance in our favour. You are all welcome, at any level, and I will do all I can to make sure everyone has the number of games they prefer.

The Mount is in good heart and, after the sterling work of Richard as Captain and Anita,we have a new captain in the enormously talented Ilan Frankel. Let us all give him our full support, and hope that he and the family may join us in July.

Do contact me for any information on the tour and, most importantly, please book your place in the party as soon as possible.

Keep highly tuned and don’t peak too soon.

David Thomas; Monday, January 6th, 2014 @ 0916