October 2012 News

Somerset Tour 2013: Update

As you have seen from a previous email I have moved the 2013 tour back a week to commence on Sunday 28th July.This is to accommodate teachers and students who may not be available on the 21st July. I have had some very positive comments about this year’s tour and I am very keen that as many of our 2012 squad, players and supporters, will come again next year.

Amazingly, I have been able to change all of the fixtures to the new week of 28th July and to book Combe House for that week also. Which brings me to my negotiations with Combe House. We have cast around for alternatives over the years, but I feel we have the best venue for our tour – Combe House is central and provides all the accommodation we need for our large party and wide age range of players and supporters. The management is well aware of the unacceptable meal on Sunday this year – this will not happen again, and we shall probably settle for a hearty Shepherds Pie or Lasagne at a lower price.

Gareth Weed has asked me to confirm room numbers earlier this year, and we do want to block book as many rooms as we are likely to need. I do realise how difficult it is to decide in November or December for July of the following year, but if you know you are coming please send me a cheque for £25 made out to Combe House Hotel per person as a deposit as soon as possible – and if you are unable to decide until a later date perhaps you can indicate whether you are a ‘possible’. This will be an enormous help to me and will secure you another thrill packed holiday in lovely Somerset.

David Thomas; Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 @ 0943