September 2007 News

El Presidente's Roundup

Thanks Bob - it was an awesome performance all round.

Firstly can I on behalf of all Mount Members please:

1) Congratulate our skipper on an excellent first season. (Delighted to see the hair has now started to grow back!)

2) Thank all the officers of the club for their support and hard work - particularly Bob and Graham who have been severely taxed trying to put teams together when the original team sheet includes such esteemed placers as Messrs A,B and C Nother.

3) Thanks to Paul for organising the website so well this year (Have another look at the bowling averages!)

4) Thanks to all the Wags, dragons and monsters for their support, teas and enthusiasm.

5) Congratulate Simon on a superb season with the bat and offer condolences on the bowling front - so near yet so far.

6) Finally - a very big thank you to DT for organising the tour - probably one our best ever despite the rain.

I gather we may well be organising a dining event to celebrate the end of Season and no doubt you will hear from T shortly.

I also hope that we will organise our usual New Year Drinks but will let you have full details nearer the time.

Richard Hair; Thursday, September 27th, 2007 @ 0807

September 30th

It seems unlikely that we will be able to arrange anything for this coming weekend but if Westcliff so manage to find a fixture and need some help I will contact those who expressed an interest in playing.

For those of you who did not make it to Eynsford last Sunday I am pleased to report that we beat the convincingly admittedly not the side that competes in the National Village tournament but who cares. It was good to see three Mount players score 50s in the same game.

The details are as follows:
Mount: 262/7 - Frankel 72, Jackson 68, Cox 65*
Enysford: 123ao - R. Hair 2/16, Thomas 2/27... Palmer 6-6-0-1 (taken off by the skipper to make a game of it!!)
40 Overs a side: Won by 139 Runs

Also, the end of season averages are now available.

Unlike Wikipedia these entries cannot be altered to make them look better.

I'm signing off now for the winter but hope to meet up with some of you over the coming months. May I be the first to wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy (and hopefully less wet) 2008

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 @ 1720

Teamsheet: Mount vs Eynsford, Sunday 23rd September 2007 @ Eynsford, 1300 start

The following have been selected:

  1. G. Cox
  2. T. Eden
  3. I Frankel
  4. R. Hair
  5. T Hair
  6. S. Jackson
  7. R. Postlethwaite
  8. A . Rafiq
  9. S Russell
  10. D. Thomas
  11. M Wilcox

Standing by: R. Palmer
Umpire: G. Ferguson
Scorer C. Clement

Please advise me if you are unable to play as soon as possible.

This is the final Mount fixture of the season. There is the possibility of combining with Westcliff on the 30th for a game. If you are interested in playing on this date, and have not already informed me, please let me know so that I can advise Westcliff

Many thanks to all those who have assisted me in finding players during the season. I am pleased to say that this year we have not had to cry off from any games through lack of players, although we did have to play one short once. Please help to maintain this record by not crying off this week!!

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, September 19th, 2007 @ 1001

Availabilities: Mount vs Eynsford, Sunday 23rd September 2007 @ Eynsford, 1300 start

This is the final game of the season for Mount although there is a possibility of combining with Westcliff for a game on September 30th.

Can those of you who have not already indicated their availability for the match on the 23rd please let me know as soon as possible and also if you are interested in a game on the 30th please also advise me soo that I can inform Westcliff of the possibilities.

Many thanks and kind regards.

Bob Palmer; Monday, September 17th, 2007 @ 1706

Fixture Update: Mount vs Cloghams, Sunday 16th September 2007 @ Cloghams, 1300 start

Our scheduled opposition, Cloghams CC, are unable to play us this coming weekend as they are having renovations done to their ground and have had to cancel all home fixtures during September.

We have been trying to secure an alternative fixture but so far nothing has come to light. I am away on business tomorrow and Friday and so will not be able to contact those members who indicated they were available to play to advise details of any possible match although we are ourselves struggling to raise a full side at present.

Our captain has a list of the players who are available and, in the event of a suitable fixture becoming available, will contact to ascertain whether there is a possibility of playing a match.

The last scheduled match of the season is on September 23rd away to Eynsford. I would be grateful if you could advise your availability for this game to me as soon as possible.

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, September 12th, 2007 @ 1722

Teamsheet: Mount vs Great & Little Warley, Sunday 9th September 2007 @ Great Warley, 1300 start

The following have been selected:

  1. G. Cox
  2. T. Eden
  3. R. Hair
  4. S. Jackson
  5. S. Orrock
  6. R. Palmer
  7. R. Postlethwaite
  8. A. Rafiq
  9. D. Thomas
  10. A. Nother
  11. B. Nother

Scorer: C Clement

I am, as ever, optimistic that the Nothers will be replaced as I am waiting for news of availability from a number of players.

We do not have an umpire this week as George has decided to take a week off using the rather feeble excuse that it is his 40th Wedding Anniversary.

I have sent congratulations to George and Brenda on behalf of Mount but am happy to repeat them here.

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, September 5th, 2007 @ 1724

Availabilities: Mount vs Great & Little Warley, Sunday 9th September 2007 @ Great Warley, 1300 start

Good morning all,

I trust that you have all had a relaxing couple of weeks and are now raring to get back into the swing of things with only three weeks to go until the end of the cricket season.

Can you please let me know as soon as possible if you are available for selection for the match against Great and Little Warley on September 9th.

(Gavin, no need to respond as I assume that you are not available.)

Bob Palmer; Monday, September 3rd, 2007 @ 0939