December 2013 News

Mount CC Subs Scheme

It was agreed at the AGM on December 8th to approve a new payment option for players that could (I hope) not only make everyone's life a bit easier but also secure the future of the Club.

Attached is a Standing Order form for Monthly payments of £10 through the year, which would cover players for their Yearly sub and all Match Fees. I have spoken with a number of people who are going to take this up, even though they may not play the 7+ games needed to be "up on the deal" as it were. This is because people care about the future of our Club, which is good to hear.

Costs are on the rise and if we want to continue to play the number of home games we do it is necessary to increase the monies coming in.

So I would appeal to you to sign up to this, and to do so soon (before Christmas please!), so payments can start in January.

I have also attached a "blank" Standing Order form as it was discussed that there were probably a number of former players and/or supporters who may want to contribute, say £5 per month, in order to show their support for Mount CC and guarantee the Club's future.

The forms need to be filled out and sent or taken to YOUR bank (any branch), please. Alternatively many of you can set this up yourselves via your on line banking facilities, or you may want to just pay the lump sum up front!

I wish you all a wonderful festive season and hope we get a good response to this initiative.

Clive Lambert; Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 @ 1707