July 2008 News

Teamsheet: Mount vs Leigh, Sunday 3rd August @ Chalkwell Park

The following have been selected

  1. G Cox
  2. C Barlow
  3. R Hair
  4. S Jackson
  5. G Oakley
  6. R Palmer
  7. A Rafiq
  8. P Southward
  9. D Thomas
  10. G Williams
  11. A Nother

Scorer: C Clement

Bob Palmer; Thursday, July 31st, 2008 @ 0910

Availabilities: Mount vs Leigh, Sunday 3rd August 2008 @ Chalkwell Park

Dear All.

I trust that the tour went well. At least the weather was an improvement on last year!!

If you have not already done so, could you please advise your availability for the next ganme on August 3rd, away to Leigh at Chalkwell Park.

Bob Palmer; Monday, July 28th, 2008 @ 0852

Some Tour Photos

I trust all tourists got home safely.

For those that weren't there we had a very good time with four wins and just the one loss. As he is very unlikely to read this I think we should please ask everyone to remember to thank DT for the work he put in. Apart from the first night supper (don't ask!) the whole week went exceptionally smoothly and, as far as I know, without any major problems.

I attach a few of the photos - not exactly high quality but they should provide a few memories.

Regards to all

Richard Hair; Saturday, July 26th, 2008 @ 1712

Teamsheet: Mount vs Tillingham, Sunday 13th July

The following have been selected

  1. G Cox
  2. B Cheveralls
  3. T Hair
  4. S Jackson
  5. H Mendell ?? (Not sure of the spelling)
  6. S Orrock (Ground)
  7. R Palmer (Tea)
  8. A Rafiq
  9. S Russell
  10. P Southward (Ground)
  11. D Thomas

Standing by: C.Barlow
Scorer: C Clement

The treasurer would like to remind anyone who has not paid the annual sub of £10.00 that it is due.

Re the game against Southend on 8th June. Did anyone lent a Southend player some kit? If so it has been returned to George Ferguson who is keen to pass on to the rightful owner.

Match report
Mount XI vs President's XI
The result and scores are immaterial. Suffice to say that a good game was enjoyed by all as were the after match festivities.

Our very grateful appreciation to Richard and especially Anita and assistants for supplying a splendid tea, barbecue and liquid refreshment and also to Neville and Victoria for their efforts on the cooking front.

To those of you who are not playing this week I would like to remind you that following the tour the next Mount game will be on August 3rd.

I hope that the weather in Somerset is better than last year.

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 @ 2124

Teamsheet: President's Match - Sunday 6th July

The following are selected and are I understand available. Please call me immediately if you can see anyone has been left off by mistake.

  • Richard Hair
  • Graham Cox
  • Ilan Frankel
  • Terence Hair
  • Andrew Hair
  • Simon Jackson
  • Stewart Orrock
  • Bob Palmer
  • Richard Postlethwaite
  • Simon Russell
  • Paul Southward
  • David Thomas
  • George Wilcox
  • Mark Wilcox
  • Ged Williams
  • Chris Barlow
  • Nigel Bowie
  • Gavin Oakley
  • Martin Cooke
  • Ed Jones
  • Barry Marsham

The following are selected and may be available.

  • Will Wilcox
  • Matt Bates
  • Bruce Pinkerton
  • Tom Eden
  • Sam Weller
  • A N Other
  • B N Other

We are hoping to see a number of guest umpires to lend a hand (or raised finger) throughout the day.

Start will be at 12.00 with lunch from 1.30 to 2.30 (bring your own lunch).

Tea will be between the innings but should be about 3.45 to 4.00.

We will probably start the last hour at 6.00.

The will be a barbeque in the Alleyn Court School Gardens (many, many thanks to the school) after the game. Mindful as to the age of some of the spectators we will be hoping to do this nice and early.

This is a day for everyone in the club so please make it clear that all WAGS, parents, children and friends are invited. The forecast looks rather dubious but let's hope we all have a very successful day.

The final teams will be chosen by your captain and I over the next 24 hours and will be e-mailed round. Please ring me if you have any queries.

Regards to all
Richard and Graham

Richard Hair; Friday, July 4th, 2008 @ 0918