July 2009 News

Teamsheet: Mount vs Leigh, Sunday 2nd August 2009 @ Chalkwell Park

The following have been selected

  1. Graham Cox
  2. Ben Cheveralls
  3. Jay Collison
  4. Paul Fraser
  5. Simon Jackson
  6. Conor Merron
  7. Bob Palmer
  8. David Thomas
  9. George Wilcox
  10. Henry Wilcox
  11. Mark Wilcox

Standing by: Paul Southward
Umpire: Stewart Orrock
Scorer: C Clement

David Skinner Memorial 7- a- side tournament

We have once again been invited to participate in the David Skinner Memorial 7 a side tournament to be held on SATURDAY September 12th at Elsted Cricket Club.

David was a former Mount player and an ex president of the club who moved to Surrey some years ago but always maintained a close connection with the Mount. Sadly, a few years he suffered a heart attack and died. David was a keen supporter of the Lord's Taverners and over they years during his lifetime helped to raise considerable sums of money to support this very worthwhile charity. The Memorial 7 a side tournament has been held for the past few years to continue to raise funds in David's memory and involves 6 teams with which David has had connections, including Mount.

If you would be interested in participating in or coming along to support this years event please can you let either myself or David Thomas know as soon as possible. The cost per person is £15.00 which will include a commemorative team shirt, an all day barbecue and some good fun and cricket .

We need to advise the organisers as soon as possible of likely numbers so that they can have the shirts printed in good time.

I look forward to your enthusiastic responses.

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 @ 1652

Availabilites: Mount vs Leigh, Sunday 2nd August 2009

Welcome back tourists. I understand a very enjoyable week was had by all.

Now back to more mundane matters. Our next game is on Sunday 2nd August. Can you please let me know as soon as possible if you are available for selection.

Bob Palmer; Saturday, July 25th, 2009 @ 1336

Teamsheet: Mount vs Tillingham, Sunday 12th July 2009

The following have been selected:

  1. Graham Cox
  2. Ilan Frankel (Ground)
  3. Ben Cheveralls
  4. Jay Collison
  5. Paul Fraser
  6. Hilton Garcia
  7. Simon Jackson (Ground)
  8. Xavier Martin
  9. Conor Merron
  10. Bob Palmer (Tea)
  11. David Thomas (Ground)

Umpire: George Ferguson
Scorer: C Clement

Match report

Mount vs Gt Waltham
Mount: 58ao
Gt Waltham: 62/7 - Gregory 4/33, Palmer 3/20
Lost by 3 wickets

Not really much to report. Another 20 runs from us might have made things different but neither side seemed to cope very well with the conditions and against accurate bowling from both sides. At least we had the opportunity to watch the end of the tennis!!

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 @ 0858


You will be aware that we have no fixture scheduled for August 23rd and 30th. We do have the possibility of arranging a game for one of those dates but before doing so I would like to gauge the likely availability of players as it would be wrong to arrange a fixture and then cry off for lack of players.

Would you therefore please let me know if you would be available on either of those dates.

If you could at the same time give me an indication of your availability throughout August it would make my life much less stressful.

Bob Palmer; Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 @ 1035

Teamsheet: Mount vs Great Waltham, Sunday 5th July 2009 @ Great Waltham, 1430 Start

The following have been selected:

  1. Graham Cox
  2. Jay Collison
  3. Hilton Garcia
  4. Xavier Martin
  5. Conor Merron
  6. Bob Palmer
  7. Richard Postlethwaite
  8. Paul Southward
  9. David Thomas
  10. Mark Wilcox
  11. A Nother

Umpire: Stewart Orrock
Scorer: C Clement

I am looking for one more for this coming Sunday so if anyone, who is not on the list above, is available please let me know

Match report

Mount vs Leavenheath (40 0vers a side)
Mount: 179/6 - R Postlethwaite 68, S Jackson 26
Leavenheath 112ao - Palmer 4/8, T Hair 3/4
Won by 67 runs

An excellent performance from 10 man Mount. Having been regaled with the tale of how Leavenheath racked up 300 plus against DT's Westcliff side earlier in the season we were somewhat fearful that our score of 179 built around Richard Postlethwaites steady 68 with useful contributions from Simon, Ben and the skipper. However my opening spell of 8 overs produced 4 wickets for 8 runs which rather set the opposition back. The Skipper and Paul Southward chipped in with three wickets between then before Hair T was introduced into the attack when they were 7 down. He took a wicket with his second and third balls and then when on a hat trick bowled wides with his next two balls before taking the final wicket with the next! Fortunately, our good umpire George declared that having taken wickets with three legitimate balls this was indeed a hat trick and the purchase of a jug (in fact two!!) was required. With Richard also contributing jugs a very pleasant stay at the Hare (should this be Hair?) and Hounds ensued.

Bob Palmer; Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 @ 0856